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5 nitration comparison predict the mononitration

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Unformatted text preview: ed amount of “greasy” compound, OR [other answers are ok, use your judgment] CHEM 246 – WI11 February 15th, 2011 4. 5. Nitration Comparison. Predict the mono‐nitration product(s) for the two reactions shown below. (10 pts) partial credit: ±1C = one carbon atom extra or missing, ‐3 pts wrong functional group in product, +0 pts 5BC! = 5 bonds to carbon (O or N), =0 pts Reaction Rate. Which reaction above would you expect to proceed fastest? (2 pts) A (because the carboxylic acid is a deactivating group) I H II III IV V VI VII Li Be B C Na Mg AI Si K Ca N O F P Cl S Se Br I Your Total Score out of 25 pts...
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