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Unformatted text preview: and fifteen (15) words or less, explain why Man‐8 might have these properties. (5 pts) OH OH O OH O OH HO O O OH OH OH OH Man-8 OH D-mannitol H H O O H H H greasy chains = interface with oil H H O H O O O O O O O H O H H O H 2. 3. polar hydroxyl groups = interface with water Besides the mannitol sugar, what is the other stable organic product formed if Man-8 were refluxed in NaOH, H2O, and EtOH. Provide a structure. (5 pts) Why would adding a bunch (millions of gallons) of soap to the ocean not be sufficient to “clean up” an oil spill? (3 pts) (+3 pts) for an intelligent and reasonable answer: adding soap to the ocean would also be a contaminate and hurt the ecosystem, OR soap only works well when there is a limit...
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