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ESS CH. 1 notes - Chapter 1- THE EARTH SYSTEM 4 levels of...

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4 levels of earth system: 1) Hydrosphere - earths water, includes oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, ice and snow. Excludes water vapor in the atmosphere 2) Atmosphere - mixture of gasses such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon, argon, co2, and water vapor. It surrounds the earth 3) Biosphere - life on earth. Earths organism as well as organic matter (that’s not decomposed) 4) Geosphere - solid earth. Consists mostly of rock and regolith (blanket of loose rock particles on the earth’s surface) Scientific Method - the use of evidence that can be seen and tested by anyone with the resources needed to do so a) Observation- Acquiring the evidence, measured and observed b) Forming Hypothesis- explaining their observations as an explanation for the way things happen. c) Testing the Hypothesis and formation of theory- testing your observations and hypothesis. More factual than opinionative d) Formation of a Law- scientific law. Multiple theories thrown into one law. Clear statement about the theories. e) Continual reexamination- not all laws are 100% proven. Many new theories can still be developed about an existing law. Its like needing to recheck your work The System Concept - A SYSTEM is a smaller portion of the universe that can be isolated from the rest of the universe for the purpose of study, observation, and noticing changes. - Since its isolated, must have some kind of boundary with its surroundings - Types of Systems: A) Isolated System: completely closed off. Prevents exchange of matter and energy with its surroundings. No perfect boundary, so not 100% blockage. B) Closed System:
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ESS CH. 1 notes - Chapter 1- THE EARTH SYSTEM 4 levels of...

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