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6pts chem245wi11 january24th2011 3 acidbase

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Unformatted text preview: hanol and note specific intermolecular forces. (6 pts) CHEM 245 – WI11 January 24th, 2011 3. Acid‐Base Chemistry. Draw the product of the acid‐base reactions below for these kavalactone derivatives. (4 pts each, 8 pts TOTAL) 4. Solubility. Given the structure of kavalactone B (shown below), predict the solubility by CIRCLING one of the choices: (more), (less), or (equal). (2 pts each, 4 pts TOTAL) (more) (less) (equal) water solubility compared to kavalactone A (more) (less) (equal) methanol solubility compared to kavalactone A I III IV V VI VII H II Li Be B C Na Mg AI Si K Ca N O F P Cl S Se Br I Your Score out of 25 pts...
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