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fall2007mgt3150exam3sample - MGT3150 Principles of...

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MGT3150 Principles of Management Fall 2007 Exam #3 Sample Questions Student Name :_________________________________ Questions Related to Individual and Group Behavior 1) The most common finding on self-monitoring is that low self-monitors are more susceptible to external influence than high self-monitors. False 2) High self-esteems are more satisfied with their jobs than low self-esteems. True 3) Low self-monitors have a high behavioral consistency between who they are and what they do. True 4) Managers who are high risk-takers make more rapid decisions, but require more information. False 5) Holland's research holds that investigative and enterprising are opposing themes while social, enterprising, and conventional are mutually reinforcing themes. True 6) Holland's enterprising personality is matched with the occupations of lawyers, real estate agents, and public relations specialists. True 7) Holland's model argues that satisfaction is highest and turnover is lowest when personality and occupation are in agreement. True 8) A country's culture should influence the dominant personality characteristics of its population. True 9) Research on perception consistently demonstrates that individuals who look at the same thing will see it in the same way. False 10) Attribution theory suggests that when we observe an individual's behavior, we attempt to determine whether it was internally or externally caused. True 11) When individuals tend to attribute their own successes to internal factors such as ability or effort while putting the blame for failure on external factors such as luck, they are expressing the fundamental attribution error. False 12) The statement "older workers are less productive" is an example of selectivity. False 13) Employees react to perceptions, not reality. True
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MGT3150 Principles of Management Fall 2007 Exam #3 Sample Questions Questions Related to Teams 14) Which of the following is NOT one of the benefits of using teams? a) Lower costs b) Lower productivity c) Quality improvements d) Speed 15) Robert is a procurement specialist who belongs to a team with members representing different functional units. The team meets to share information regarding specific problems facing the whole organization. Jim is a member of a __________.
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fall2007mgt3150exam3sample - MGT3150 Principles of...

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