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2212 PRS Quiz 7 A long wire is positioned 4 mm  above a compass so that the wire runs from north to south. When  current is passed through the wire, the compass needle is  deflected so that the angle  between the needle and the  wire is 30 degrees.  Calculate the amount of current flowing in the wire given that the magnitude  of the earth’s magnetic Feld in Atlanta 
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Unformatted text preview: is approximately 2.2610 5 tesla. B wire = 4 2I r for r L and 4 = 10 7 tesla m 2 coulomb m / s (1) 4.5x10-1 Amps (2) 9.0x10-1 Amps (3) 5.2x10-1 Amps (4) 2.6x10-1 Amps (5) 7.3x10-1 Amps (6) 3.7x10-1 Amps (7) 9.8x10-1 Amps (8) 4.9x10-1 Amps N S E W I = 0 N S E W I = ? 30...
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