Protein Chemistry Notes

Proteins are amphoteric substances they can behave as

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Unformatted text preview: ids that make up its structure. • Proteins are amphoteric substances – they can behave as either acids or bases. • The degree of acidity of alkalinity affects food quality and depends on the pH of the medium surrounding the food protein. Denaturation- The unfolding of the protein structure. • Can be thought of as the relaxation of protein tertiary structure • Alters functional properties (solubility, enzymatic reaction) • Unique to proteins • Examples. o When roasting meat, actin, myosin and myoglobin denature o Cooking an egg – denatures ovalbumin o Whipping whites denatures some of the protein and helps stabilize the foam Emulsification – proteins can stabilize emulsion by acting at the oil-water interface • Since protein molecules contain both hydrophobic and hydrophilic regions, they can situate themselves between the two phases to stabilize them • Meat tissue, milk, eggs and soy all conta...
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