Protein Chemistry Notes

Used in baked goods coffee creamers dairy products

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Unformatted text preview: lorie ingredient used as a fat replacer) is made from whey protein or milk and egg protein. • Used in baked goods, coffee creamers, dairy products, salad dressings. Foaming • Colloidal dispersion of gas in liquid phase • Proteins are good foaming agents (eggs, milk, soy) • Ex. Ice cream, whipped toppings, beer froths Gelation • Forms well-ordered gel matrices that hold water, fat or other food ingredients to produce various food products. • Ex. Bread dough, sausage, gelatin desserts, tofu, and yogurt Water Holding Capacity (WHC) • The ability of a protein to bind water is due to the hydrophilic and charged groups in its structure. o Example: Meat can retain water during application of external forces such as cutting, heating, grinding and pressing. • Influenced by pH, temperature, and salt content • When + and – charges are equal, then there is a high protein-protein interaction and a low WHC. • As temperature increases (above 80 C) water soluble proteins form gels that hold water within a matrix Maillard Browning • Reaction that produces the brown color of baked goods • Sugar + amino acid reaction when heat is applied • Very complex and can effect the flavor of the food • • Nonenzymatic reaction Favored by high sugar content and protein concentration...
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