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Ab iswhatfractionofcirclep 2 ced

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Unformatted text preview: int on the arc. Not only do arcs have measure, but they also have length. These two quantities are DIFFERENT!!!!!! Investigating Arc Length 1. AB is what fraction of Circle P? 2. CED is what fraction of circle O? 3. EF is what fraction of circle T? • If the radius of circle T is 10 inches, what is the length of HG ? Before we can answer this we need to know a few things: 1) What fraction of the circle is HG below? 2) What is the circumference of circle T? The length of an arc (arc length) is a __________________of a circles _______________________. Arc Length Formula Questions: 1) How is arc length different than arc measure? 2) Use the picture below to explain the difference between BC and DE . 3) *HOMEWORK: Pgs 710‐713 #s(1‐5, 7‐11, 15, 37, 40, 53a)...
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