Quiz 2 terms - Quiz #2 Review 1. The Establishment Clause:...

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Quiz #2 Review 1. The Establishment Clause: Personal choice; complicated; restrict governments right to establish a religion; simultaneously there is the right of free exercise. Consists of two aspects, Government Accommodation and the High Wall of Separation. 2. The Free Exercise Clause: Vexing to court; No constitutional right to exemption on free exercise grounds from laws dealing with non-religious matters. 3. The Lemon Test: 3 pronged test determining state aid for religious institutions: a. Prove law had secular prupose b. Primary purpose neither to advance or inhibit religion c. Law itself couldn’t foster excessive government entanglement with religion. 4. Assimilationism: Many states, culture linked to nationalism, government assimilates immigrants. Social immigration, i.e. Melting Pot, as a holistic unit, one nation, undivided. 5. Multiculturalism: A policy, ideal, or reality that emphasizes the unique characteristics of different cultures in the world. a. Descriptive Multiculturalism: way to use idea to understand state diversity. b. Official Multiculturalism : Specific policy objectives by governments that are aimed at the multicultural idea. 6. Southwell v. University of Wisconsin (2000): 3 key points: Money = speech. a. All speech is common to universities mission of fostering ideas. Universities well within bounds to assess mandatory fees to promote ideas. Qualifying factor: Viewpoint Neutrality. 7.
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Quiz 2 terms - Quiz #2 Review 1. The Establishment Clause:...

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