KN 2431 Cardiovascular System Ch 8

Endocardiummembranethatlinesfour chambersofheart

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Unformatted text preview: pump that circulates blood to entire body via vascular system Pericardium: protective sac around the heart 3 layers: – Endocardium: membrane that lines four chambers of heart – Myocardium: muscular layer of heart – Epicardium: outermost layer of heart 4 chambers Heart Heart – R/L atrium – R/L ventricle Valves: – – – – Tricuspid Pulmonary Mitral Aortic Blood Flow: – Vena Cava, R atrium, R ventricle, pulmonary a., pulmonary v., L atrium, L ventricle, aorta Blood Supply to Heart Blood Supply to Heart Heart cannot utilize the blood flowing through the heart Has its own system: – Coronary Artery System: Branches off of aorta R/L coronary artery Sequence of Conduction Sequence of Conduction SA Node (Pacemaker) 2. AV Node 3. Bundle of His 4. Perkinje fibers 1. Pulse & BP Pulse & BP Pulse: Expansion & contraction of an artery produced by pressure of blood moving though Blood Pressure: Measurement of pressure exerted against vessel walls – Systolic: highest pressure result of ventricular contraction – Diastolic: lowest pressure w...
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