Macroeconomics 111 - Chapter 19

Macroeconomics 111 - Chapter 19 - CHAPTER 19...

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CHAPTER 19 – Globalization -Globalization is the continuing process of economic restructuring which has lead to an increasing cross-border flow of trade in goods, services, and financial assets, along with an increasing international mobility of technology, information, and individuals -As a result, countries are becoming less isolated, so that makes sense to think more in terms of a global economy -Not every country is participating in the globalization – cross-border flows can be greatly limited by government policies Technology and Globalization -Trade and the movement of people between countries are facilitated by: -Falling transportation costs -Including faster, easier transportation -Falling communications costs -Including faster, easier, more convenient communications -Computers Measuring Globalization Political engagement - Number of memberships in international organizations, UN Security Council missions in which it participates, foreign embassies it hosts Technology -Number of Internet users, Internet hosts, and secure servers
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Macroeconomics 111 - Chapter 19 - CHAPTER 19...

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