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Lab Report 2 Example

Lab Report 2 Example - Nicolas Lavie Dr Boeneke Lab Report...

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Nicolas Lavie January 29, 2007 Dr. Boeneke Lab Report 2 Determining Milk Fat in Heavy Whipping Cream Objective: The objective in this procedure is to test the milk fat in creams using the Babcock testing method. Materials: Heavy Whipping Cream, balance, pipette, 50% 9 gram test bottle, water, mechanical shaker, sulfuric acid, 17.5 mL beaker, water bath, glymol, caliper. Methods: Use the pipette and pipette 9 grams of Heavy Whipping Cream into a 50% 9 gram test bottle. Then add 9 mL of water and mix through swirling. Holding at a slight angle, add 17.5 mL of sulfuric acid in three equal portions. Shake on mechanical shaker for 5 minutes. Transfer bottles to Centrifuge and shake for 5 minutes. Then add water to the base of the bottle neck. Centrifuge for 2 minutes. After that, add water to the top of the graduation scale and Centrifuge for 1 minute. Transfer bottles to water bath and temper for 5 minutes. Once finished, remove from water bath and add 2 drops of glymol
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