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Measure the fat from the bottom of the lower meniscus

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Unformatted text preview: easure the fat from the bottom of the lower Meniscus to the line between the glymol and fat. Record the data and clean lab station. Results: The results from the two tests of Heavy Whipping cream was 37% and 32% milk fat respectively. The average of the two tests was 34.5% milk fat. In the second test, the milk fat is fairly low for Heavy Whipping Cream. Heavy Whipping Cream generally has a percent fat content of 36% or more. Discussion: When trying to determine the milk fat percentage in Heavy Whipping Cream, it was determined that the percent milk fat in the two tests were 37% and 32% from the same milk sample. The average of the two was 34.5%. The average was low for Heavy Whipping Cream. In order to sell cream as heavy whipping cream the fat content must be 36% or greater. Test 2 yielded only 32% milk fat for the heavy whipping cream sample, bringing down the average. It is possible that too much water was added to the solution, therefore diluting the amount of fat content in the example. T...
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