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There was no noticeable charred matter or curd in the

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Unformatted text preview: here was no noticeable charred matter or curd in the bottle. There is also the possibility that the bottle was overflowed when the final amount of water was added to the bottle. It appeared that one or two of the bottles were completely filled to the top and placed back into the Centrifuge for the final spin time. Another person in the lab measured the fat content and disposed of the contents before I could look at the bottle of 32% milk fat, therefore the possibility of a reading error could have occurred, but that is unlikely. Questions: Question 1-A). Cream varies widely in specific gravity, which would change the weight. B) It is viscous so some cream would stick to the pipette. C) Well mixed cream is apt to contain a considerable amount of CO2 and air. Question 2-A) Glymol is a high grade white mineral oil colored red and must have a specific gravity of no more than 0.85. B) The glymol may mix with the cream and fat due to heat. Question 3-A) Tests that contain black material in and under the fat column should be rejected. They are caused by too strong of acid, too warm of acid, too much acid, acid allowed to stand and too warm of cream. B) Tests that contain a white, curdy fat caused by too weak of acid, too cold of an acid, not enough acid or cream that is too cold. C) Tests that have foam on the fat column, generally from hard water. D) Reject all tests that produce a cloudy fat column or show the presence of charred matter or curd or is indistinct. Question 4- If the acid is added without water then the cream can become charred....
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