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History Final Review - History Final Review Cotton...

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History Final Review Cotton Revolutionizes the South o o o 1 st o Whitney invents cotton gin o War of 1812- Southwestern Indians moved & “Black Belt” area (Central Alabama o Central Tennessee begins to grow cotton o Most cotton exported Revival of Slavery o Property rights were more important than black rights o Feared slaves overthrowing (Haiti) o Proesser led slaves in revolt o Slave uprisings were sensationalized o American Colonization Society—helped slaves o Slave value increased o Internal slave trade o Slave trade profitable, cruel, shameful o Life of blacks in North as bad as free South blacks because of Segregation Development of Steamboats o John Stevens—improved steam boiler o Livingston—operated steamboats in New York o Fulton—made Clermont (famous steamboat) o Made New Orleans Worlds great port Abolitionist Crusade o Democrats protested denial of political/civil slave rights o Garrison—Newspaper “The Liberator”, Anti-slavery o Walker—1 st prominent Black abolitionist – wrote Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World o Douglass— Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Women’s Rights o Women were just as likely as men to be offended by slavery o Margaret Fuller – Women in the Nineteenth Century
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History Final Review - History Final Review Cotton...

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