Key Terms HIS ch1-ch7

Key Terms HIS ch1-ch7 - Key Terms Ch.1 Columbian Exchange-...

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Key Terms Ch.1 Columbian Exchange- the exchange of plants, animals, culture, and diseases between Europe and the Americas from first contact throughout the era of exploration. Agricultural Revolution- The gradual shift from hunting and gathering to cultivating basic food crops that occurred worldwide from 7000 to 9000 years ago. Renaissance- a cultural awakening that began in Italy and spread throughout Europe in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Conquistadors- sixteenth century Spanish adventures, often of noble birth, who subdued the Native Americans and created the Spanish empire in the New World. Treaty of Tordesillas- treaty negotiated by the pope in 1494 to resolve competing land claims of Spain and Portugal in the New World. It divided the world along a north-south line in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, granting to Span in all lands west of the line and to Portugal lands east of the line. Encomienda- an exploitative labor system designed by Spanish rulers to reward conquistadors in the New World by granting them local villages and control over native labor. Protestant Revolution- sixteenth century religious movement to reform and challenge the spiritual authority of the Roman Catholic Church, associated with figures such as Martin Luther and John Calvin. Ch.2 Glorious Revolution- replacement of James II by William and Mary as English monarchs in 1688, marking the beginning of American colonists celebrated this moment as a victory for the rule of law over
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Key Terms HIS ch1-ch7 - Key Terms Ch.1 Columbian Exchange-...

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