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Jonathan Boice Professor Ottman World History II 18 April 2007 The Rise of Communism in Eastern Asia Communism, although not a favorable form of government or political party, was very popular among the eastern hemisphere. The rise of Communism, or socialism if you will, can be found mostly in eastern Asia. Communism can be said to have been started by Karl Marx. Marx wanted to see an end to Capitalism like any other Socialist. Marx set forth a couple of his ideas which later became to be known as Marxism. This later spread south to China and back west to Europe. It did not hit home as hard in Europe as it did in China. China became interested in Marxism and was interested in the Soviet Union, Thus began the revolution of Communism in the Peoples Republic of China and in the Soviet Union. Eventually the Soviet Union gained control of China by means of trade and some other forms, which will be found later on in this paper. Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, the founder and father to the Soviet Union. Lenin started the beginning of Leninism, which started with a pamphlet called “What is to be Done.” Lenin’s ideas were plain and simple; he believed “that no revolutionary movement can endure without a stable organization of leaders maintaining continuity 1 .” This means the more the merrier teamwork style of teamwork. He also had this saying to which he critiqued. He says “A dozen wise men can be more easily wiped out than a hundred fools 2 .” This is really not to hard to understand for an educated person or even an uneducated person, but Lenin furthers his quote. “I 1 Alfred J. Andrea and james H. Overfield, The Human Record: Sources of Global Perspective on the Past
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History P2 - Jonathan Boice Professor Ottman World History...

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