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How to Write a Philosophy Paper

1 the tips and techniques on this hand out were taken

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Unformatted text preview: ve to exert any effort to figure it out. Beat him over the head with it. Pretend that your reader is lazy, stupid, and mean. He's lazy in that he doesn't want to figure out what your convoluted sentences are supposed to mean, and he doesn't want to figure out what your argument is, if it's not already obvious. He's stupid, so you have to explain everything you say to him in simple, bite ­sized pieces. And he's mean, so he's not going to read your paper charitably. 1 The tips and techniques on this hand-out were taken from (and shortened and modified) a helpful site by James Pryor at NYU: http://www.jimpryor.net/teaching/guidelines/writing.html. Outlines: The overall clarity of your paper will greatly depend on its structure. I strongly recommend that you make an outline of your paper, and of the arguments you'll be presenting, before you begin to write. This lets you organize the points yo...
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