Human Rights in China - Human Rights in China Imagine...

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Human Rights in China Imagine living in a country where just about everything you do is monitored. There are many countries that are like this such as America, but not as strict as China. China, also known as the People’s Republic of China or PRC, has been in strict rule since the end of the civil war in 1949. China has been known for its very strict human right laws and has been criticized for years. The problems in China include In the World Report 2007 they go over in depth to many aspects of the human rights in China. The problems include their legal system, restrictions on freedom and expression, labor rights, religious beliefs, and HIV/AIDS. The HIV/AIDS pandemic scene in East Asia is largely dominated by China. Much of the current spread of the HIV in China has been through Intravenous drug use and Prostitution. In China, the number of affected by HIV has been estimated at between 430,000 and 1.5 million (Steinbrook R. The AIDS Epidemic in 2004 ) with some estimates going much higher. In many rural areas of China, tens to hundreds of thousands of farmers and peasants were infected with HIV through participation in state-run, contaminated blood collection programs. There has been “steps” to further the prevention of the virus, but no actual control has taken place. China’s legal system has been questioned for many years and its structure is still unable to be characterized. China is run by Hu Jintao who is a member of the Communist Party of China. Most of the problems in china are due to the need of more judicial rulings, which still leads to conflict within the citizens of china. A lot of the judicial proceedings concerning human
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Human Rights in China - Human Rights in China Imagine...

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