fshn FINAL study guide - FSHN 130/Nutrition for Living...

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FSHN 130/Nutrition for Living Study Guide for Final Exam Spring 2007 Chapter 1- Overview of Nutrition Classification of nutrients Essential nutrient- a substance that must be obtained from the diet, because the body needs it and cannot make it in required amounts. Nonessential nutrient- a substance found in food and used by the body to promote health but not required to be consumed in the diet. Energy yielding nutrients- a nutrient that the body can use to produce ATP. ATP- a chemical used by the body when it needs to perform work. --------Interactions and associations: research designs Chapter 2 – Planning a Healthy Diet ---------Diet planning principles- Percent daily value- the % of the recommended intake (daily value) of a nutrient provided by a single serving of food. -----------Suggestions for limiting nutrients in the diet: Dietary Guidelines Dietary Reference Intakes- a set of four types of nutrient intake reference standards used to assess and plan dietary intake; includes the EARs, RDAs, AIs, and ULs. AMDR- reflect the ranges of intakes for each class of energy source that are associated with reduced risk of chronic disease while providing adequate intakes of essential nutrients. CHO- 45-65% of total energy Proteins- 10-35% Lipids- 20-35% Digestion process Organs Salivary Glands- release a mixture of water and mucus. Liver -produces bile Gallbladder- stores and releases bile Pancreas - releases pancreatic juice that neutralizes chime and contains enzymes needed for carbohydrate and protein. Oral cavity-
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fshn FINAL study guide - FSHN 130/Nutrition for Living...

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