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Summary #10 In this chapter James L. Bailey describes the theory and importance of the study behind genre analysis . This chapter gives a basic definition of Genre, which is: “Genres are the conventional and repeatable patterns of oral and written speech, which facilitate interaction among people in specific social situations.” The purpose of the chapter is to show how important the appreciation of what is actually going on in the setting and written time of the bible is to understanding true meaning of the passage; we must recognize the appropriate genre in order to do this. Bailey makes the point in the chapter that any time we seek to try and understand, identify or even read any type of text the reader is engaging in a form of genre analysis. There are times when the reader may even encounter more than one genre in a single piece of literature. Another very important contributor to understanding genres was a man by the name of Mikhail Bakhitin. Bakhitin had 6 conclusions regarding genres, which
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