doubting - should have. Failure, in this case, is my...

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Wilson Jessica Wilson Mrs. Chatham English 1A, Th. 12-3 4 October 2006 Believing and Doubting Mary Sherry’s Notion of Failure Believe I don’t strongly believe in what Sherry is trying to say in her essay “In Praise of the F-Word,” but there are certain points that I can agree on, such as the notion that failure, or the threat of failure, is a "positive teaching tool,” as it supplies a simulated external motivation for students who may see no reason to work hard. I would think that anyone threatened with failure would be much more motivated to work hard because of the guilt they would put on themselves for failing. Personally, my motivation for working hard is to leave Saddleback College as quickly as possible and work on my marketing major at a university. I know that if I fail any one of my classes, that dream is gone for good, and I could never forgive myself for not working hard enough when I
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Unformatted text preview: should have. Failure, in this case, is my positive tool for achieving goals in life. Doubt Although I agree with Sherry that failure is a positive teaching tool, I also disagree with the statement 1 Wilson somewhat. Sherry suggests that students should always have a fear of failure in order to motivate themselves to do better in school, but is the threat of failure a valuable educational tool, or could it cause potential damage to developing student self-esteem and ability? Telling a student they are a failure, or even telling them they are going to fail a class may result in that student giving up the hope for themselves to pass the class and will ultimately fail anyway. I believe that if Sherrys idea of failure being a positive teaching tool isnt carried out as it should be, with the parents and school working hand-in-hand to help the student, the student will fail. 2...
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doubting - should have. Failure, in this case, is my...

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