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February 20, 2008 Summary #12 Narrative criticism is what some scholars choose to focus on in order to describe and determine the effect different pieces of scripture are to have on the reader. The most popular area that narrative criticism is used in is with regards to the four gospels; there is a large interest in looking at how these writings are “forms of communication that affect those who receive or experience them.” This form of criticism looks at the text to try and understand how much the readers personal experience and participation can change the overall meaning of the readings. It is pointed out by the author of this chapter, Mark Powell, that different people are going to gain different things from different pieces of scripture because they bring their own present circumstances into their study. There are a few basic principles that Bible scholars use when participating in narrative criticism which include: 1. Interpreting thexts with reference to their implied authors instead of their actual historical authors. 2.
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