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The Eisenhower Years, 1952-1960

The Eisenhower Years, 1952-1960 - threatened by Communism...

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The Eisenhower Years, 1952-1960 Eisenhower takes Command Modern Republicanism- extends social security, raises minimum wage, & builds more public housing Highway Act of 1956 links the nation’s major cities Dulles Diplomacy- “brinksmanship” (Communist powers will back down b/c of Vietnam France falls at Dien Bien Phu, so N. Vietnam by Minh (communist) & S. Vietnam by Diem (anticommunist) General election to Unite Vietnam never held b/c the south knew that the Communists would win Domino Theory Middle East Suez Crisis- Egypt wants money to build a damn so they seize British-French US condemns the invasion Eisenhower Doctrine- economic & military aid to any Middle Eastern country
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Unformatted text preview: threatened by Communism OPEC & oil US Soviet Relations Hungarian Revolt crushed by Soviet tanks Sputnik creates NASA USSR demands US out of East Berlin U-2 Crisis Cuban communism- Fidel Castro Civil Rights Movement Brown I- separate facilities are unconstitutional Brown II- segregation in schools end w/ deliberate speed Resistance in the south Little Rock Central High school Montgomery Bus Boycott- Rosa Parks MLK’s nonviolent protests (SCLC) SNCC- sit-in movement for lunch counters Pop Culture in the Fifties Television & advertising Rock N’ Roll & American Bandstand Merger of the AFL & CIO Benjamin Spock’s Baby and Child Care More women actually in the work force...
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