Reconstruction, 1863-1877

Reconstruction, 1863-1877 - Reconstruction, 1863-1877...

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Reconstruction, 1863-1877 Presidential Reconstruction Lincoln’s Policies 10% plan- state govt. reestablished when 10% of voters took a loyalty oath Wade Davis Bill of 1864- 50% of voters take the “ironclad oath” & only non- Confederates to vote for a new state constitution Freedmen’s Bureau- helped blacks & poor whites w/ resettlement, food, & education Johnson’s policy Disfranchisement of former leaders of Confederacy, but pardons were granted Vetoed a bill increasing Freedmen’s Bureau’s services & Civil Rights bill Black Codes- (1) prohibited blacks from renting land or borrowing $ to buy land (2) made freed-men sign work contracts (3) prohibited blacks from testifying against whites in court Congressional Reconstruction Civil Rights Act of 1866- All Blacks US citizens 14 th Amendment- “Due Process of Law”, “Equal Protection of the Law (1) Everyone born in the U.S. or naturalized is a citizen & entitled to all the
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Reconstruction, 1863-1877 - Reconstruction, 1863-1877...

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