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The Rise of Industrial America, 1865-1900

The Rise of Industrial America, 1865-1900 - Horatio Alger...

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The Rise of Industrial America, 1865-1900 The Business of Railroads Fed. land grants- govt. gave railroads loans & grants sold to settlers cheap Transcontinental railroads- Union Pacific, Central Pacific (built by Chinese immigrants) Competition & Consolidation- JP Morgan took over them, stabilized rates, & reduced debts Industrial Empires The Steel Industry- A. Carnegie used vertical integration- control every stage of the process The Oil Industry- J. Rockefeller used horizontal integration- competitors into one corporation Antitrust Movement- Sherman Antitrust Act Laissez-Faire Capitalism Social Darwinism- wealth in the hands of the fit Gospel of Wealth- Carnegie’s justification of wealth Technology & Innovations Inventions- telegraph (Morse), phone (Bell) Edison- electric power Westinghouse- high-voltage current Department stores, mail-order catalogues Impact of Industrialization
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Unformatted text preview: Horatio Alger Myth- “self-made man” Books of poor men becoming rich 2/3 of America worked for wages Determined supply & demand 5% of married women worked secretaries, operators, typists Labor discontent- unstable & mobile Struggle of Organized Labor- lockout, blacklists, court injunctions, replacements, state militia Great Railroad strike of 1877- Hayes used fed. troops to end violence for the 1 st time Unions National Labor union- all workers Knights of Labor- too idealistic AFL- against women, “bread & butter” Haymarket Square- bomb thrown & killed police, so 8 anarchists accused Strikebreaking Homestead Strike- Frick cut wages 20% Pullman Strike- model company town, cut in wages but not rent, Eugene Debs directed railroad workers not to handle Pullman cars, but court order against interference w/ mail...
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