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Territorial & Economic Expansion, 1830-1860

Territorial & Economic Expansion, 1830-1860 - River...

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Territorial & Economic Expansion, 1830-1860 Manifest destiny- divine mission to extend its power & civilization across North America Texas S. Austin begins American migration there, Mexico outlaws slavery, settlers refuse to obey laws, Mexico closes immigration to Americans Revolt & Independence- Sam Houston leads the revolt & declares TX independent & forces Santa Anna to sign a treaty of TX independence Annexation to the US denied Boundary in Maine- Aroostook War- lumbermen Boundary dispute in Oregon- divide at 49 th parallel J. Polk wins in 1844- “Fifty-four Forty or Fight!” War w/ Mexico Slidell to persuade Mexico to sell CA & NM Causes- General Taylor moved army to Rio Grande, so Mexican army crossed the
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Unformatted text preview: River Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo- Rio Grande as southern border, buy CA & NM for $15 million Wilmot Proviso- forbade slavery in new territories, passed in House but not in Senate Ostend Manifesto- secret negotiations to buy Cuba, but leaked to the press & dropped Clayton-Bulwer Treaty of 1850- Britain & US could not take exclusive control of canal through isthmus Gasden Purchase- strip of land for a railroad Expanding Economy Industrial technology- telegraph, ready-to-wear clothes Railroads- expansion Foreign commerce- encouraged trade...
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