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Herman 1 Jackie Herman History 4485 Dr. Michael de Nie June 28, 2007 Irish Portrayal in Three Eras The 11 films that were watched took place between three distinct eras: the revolutionary decade ( Michael Collins ), the Troubles ( Bloody Sunday ), and a non- political ( The Magdalene Sisters ). Even though each era was a different setting, there were similarities in the films that can be recognized. Loyalty is a major similarity that was depicted in its own way in each film. Michael Collins was loyal to his people and his country. In Bloody Sunday , the citizens of Ireland were loyal to their country and their independence. In Magdalene Sisters, the three girls who arrived on the same day looked out for one another, as well as assisting each other in breaking out. Violence is also a commonality in all these films. Violence is noticed because they all portray a struggle for independence. This struggle is seen by a national war, civil war, and freedom from abuse. There are also differences that can be noticed when watching these films. One distinction is in Michael Collins and Bloody Sunday . These two films are both male dominated, where as The Magdalene Sisters is female dominated in every aspect. It was the girls getting abused and the nuns doing the abusing. In the male dominated films, women were always a supporting character. They helped to set up the male’s background story. Also, The Magdalene Sisters portrayed how life was, not on the
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Herman 2 streets. It helped to gain an understanding about how individual lives were affected by the inconsistencies of Ireland. Michael Collins is a film took place in Ireland during the revolutionary decade. This film was set in Dublin from 1916-1922. It showed the Irish society as being very violent. The opening scene was the day of the Easter Rising, with the success of the British. The defeated were then searching for a way to expel the British from their homeland. Michael Collins was the hero that people of Ireland were in need of finding. Collins showed his strength and quality in his speeches when reciting them to provoke those listening into fighting for an independent Ireland. Loyalty was another significant aspect that defined the society. Collins was loyal to his followers, and they were loyal to him as
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Final - Herman 1 Jackie Herman History 4485 Dr Michael de...

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