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The 13 Colonies & the British Empire, 1607-1750

The 13 Colonies & the British Empire, 1607-1750 -...

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The 13 Colonies & the British Empire, 1607-1750 Types of colonies Corporate- joint stock companies Royal- direct rule by king Proprietary- authority by an individual The Chesapeake Colonies Maryland Act of Toleration- freedom to Christians Protestant revolt- AOT repealed Virginia Bacon’s Rebellion- Sir William Berkeley favored large planters, so Bacon rebelled Labor Shortages Indentured Servants & slaves less migration, dependable, cheap Triangular trade- rum slaves (middle passage) sugarcane Headright system- 50 acres to an immigrant who paid for passage or a plantation owner who paid for an immigrant’s passage New England Rhode Island Roger Williams (Providence)- religious toleration Anne Hutchinson (Portsmouth)- antinomianism (faith only for salvation) Connecticut
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Unformatted text preview: Thomas Hooker (Hartford) John Davenport (New Haven) New Hampshire Halfway Covenant- limited religious commitment New England Confederation (1643-1684) King Phillip’s War- ended Indian conflict in New England Restoration Colonies The Carolinas- 8 nobles- N. Carolina & S. Carolina New York- Duke of York- civil & political rights New Jersey- 2 proprietors joined Pennsylvania & Delaware Quakers William Penn Georgia Direct financial support from England Debtors shipped here to start life over Mercantilism Navigation Acts- (1) trade carried by English or colonial ships (2) goods had to pass through England- SMUGGLING Dominion of New England- made by James II, but undone after his reign...
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  • Thirteen Colonies, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, England Restoration Colonies, Colonies Maryland Act

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