Limits of a Superpower, 1969-1980

Limits of a Superpower, 1969-1980 - Nixon impeached for (1)...

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Limits of a Superpower, 1969-1980 Richard Nixon’s Foreign Policy “Vietnamization”- gradually withdraw US troops Nixon doctrine- support Asia w/o ground troops Massive bombing of Vietnam forces a settlement Nixon visits China SALT treaties- reduce missiles w/ nuclear warheads Nixon’s Domestic Policy New Federalism- Family Assistance Plan defeated Economic Policies- stagflation Watergate “Plumbers” to stop govt. leaks- Daniel Ellsberg leaks the Pentagon Papers (mistakes of govt. in Vietnam) War Powers Act- President must report to Congress w/in 48 hours after taking military action & Congress has to approve any military action of more than 60 days Yom Kippur War- US helps Israel- OPEC doesn’t sell oil to Israel’s supporters
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Unformatted text preview: Nixon impeached for (1) obstruction of justice (2) abuse of power (3) contempt of Congress Gerald Ford in the White House Pardons Nixon Bush investigates the CIA Saigon & Cambodia fall to Communism, the rest are “little tigers” of southeast Asia Jimmy Carter’s Presidency Panama Canal- operations to Panama by 2000 Camp David Accords- Sadat & Begin meet at Camp David to provide a framework for a peace settlement b/w them Iran & the Hostage Crisis- the rescue mission fails American Society in Transition Immigration Acts to stop illegal immigrants Hispanic Americans get more rights Native Americans were given more tribal lands & control over their internal programs Gays get more rights Environmental & Conservationist movements- Love Canal...
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