The Growth of Cities & American Culture, 1865-1900

The Growth of Cities & American Culture, 1865-1900 -...

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A Nation of Immigrants Growth of Immigration- reputation of political & religious freedom & economic opportunity “Old” vs. “New” Immigrants Chinese Exclusion Act banned Chinese Restrictions on “undesirable” people Urbanization- move to cities Streetcars, skyscrapers (Otis elevator) Ethnic neighborhoods- tenements Residential suburbs- cheap, cheap transportation, privacy Boss & Machine Politics- find jobs & apartments for immigrants & show up at poor family’s doors w/ food baskets to get votes Awakening of Reform
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Unformatted text preview: Settlement Houses- Hull House in Chicago by Jane Adams to house immigrants Social Gospel- linked Christianity w/ reform Intellectual & Cultural Movements Changes in education Public schools- elementary (3 R’s) & tax-supported public high schools Higher education- land grant colleges, those founded by philanthropists Social science- criminal behavior b/c of environment Literature & the arts- Realism & naturalism, the “Ashcan School”, jazz (Scott Joplin) Popular Culture Press- Pulitzer & Hearst mass circulation Amusement- growth of leisure time Spectator sports & amateur sports...
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