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Essay 4 - grades because it would shift the focus more...

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Phil Lombardi Philosophy 100 Professor McDermid Essay 4B: What a Communist Believes the Biggest Change at Montclair Should Be. A communist society is one that is designed to improve the lives of the working class. If we apply that to Montclair State University, the working class, or proletariats, would be the average students and the capitalist class would be those who are naturally better off in academics. A Communist would want all of the average students to get the same treatment as those academically gifted and the biggest way this would be accomplished would be to eliminate grades entirely, or assign the same grade to every student. This would ensure that no student is placed above or below one another. In this scenario, all students would receive the same treatment, no matter of how well they perform in school. Focus would become more on learning the material, rather than maintaining a high GPA. This change would need to be made in Communists eyes because as of right now, not all students are equal. Communist would like not having
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Unformatted text preview: grades because it would shift the focus more towards learning, a communal goal, rather than grades, an individual goal. While every one has their strong and weak points, not every ones strong point is school work. Due to this reason, those who have better skills in school work have an advantage over all of the others. In the system we have now, Communist would believe that the Capitalists are benefitting from the others not performing well, in that it makes them look better. The lower ranking students try and try to get good grades, but it does not come naturally to them. The Capitalist class gets higher class rank because the average students are being places below them. Communist does not care about what consequence it brings to the capitalist class though because he is only looking out for the average student. Removing the standard grading system would put the proletariats on an even playing field, which is exactly what Communist wants....
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