paper 2- major barbara

paper 2- major barbara - Julianne Liska ENRU November 15,...

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Julianne Liska ENRU November 15, 2007 In the play, Major Barbara , by Bernard Shaw, the main character Barbara faced many conflicts growing into the person she wanted to be, and the person he parents wanted her to be. Barbara was raised in a wealthy family but rejected their lifestyle completely. Both parents had specific goals for Barbara that were greatly contrasted by her goals in life. Barbara was a loving, kind woman who devoted herself to the Salvation Army. She did not believe that money was necessary for happiness; rather, happiness could be gained from Salvation. Barbara’s father, Undershaft, was not involved with raising her, but came back into her life upon invitation from Barbara’s mother, Lady Britomart. Lady Britomart was obsessed with marrying off her daughters to wealthy men and assuring that her son inherited the family’s weapon company. Barbara wanted to live an idealistic life and preached the same life for others; however, due to imposition by her mother and father learned that an idealistic life was not possible and there was only reality. Throughout the play, Barbara struggled with pressure from her family and her own desire to devote herself to the Salvation Army and God. Lady Britomart’s main goal was to ensure that her daughters married men with money and continued the lifestyle which they were raised. Although Undershaft was not truly a father figure to his family, he provided them with a surplus of money because he believed that poverty was a crime. Lady Britomart was a lady of status, and instead of being of proud Barbara for devoting herself to something, she made the comment to Stephen, “I thought Barbara was going to make the most brilliant career of all of you.
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And what does she do? Joins the Salvation Army; discharges her maid; lives on a pound a
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paper 2- major barbara - Julianne Liska ENRU November 15,...

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