Music 114 Summaries #1A

Music 114 Summaries #1A - Music 114 Reading Summaries...

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Music 114 Reading Summaries 1. “Constructing the Popular: Cultural Production and Consumption.” In this article, the authors gave a general introduction to the origins of pop culture research. Pop culture typically has four meanings: objects or practices that are well-liked by a lot of people, a reference to objects or practices deemed inferior and unworthy, to work deliberately setting out to win favor with the people, or objects and practices that actually are made by the people for themselves. The study of pop culture today is typically categorized into three predominant schools of thoughts: Cultural Studies, Production of Culture, and Popular Culture Studies tradition. In Cultural Studies, pop culture is the culture of the subordinated as they actively resist their own subordination. The Production of Culture perspective focuses less attention of the various meanings of cultural texts and the process of cultural consumption than on an examination of culture as a manufactured product. Last but not least, Popular Culture Studies tradition sees pop culture as the everyday culture of a group— basically the way of life in which most people in any society live. Three of the biggest areas of debate on the field of pop culture are the origins of pop culture, whether cultural
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Music 114 Summaries #1A - Music 114 Reading Summaries...

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