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Shakespeare - 2

Shakespeare - 2 - and his current situation In this case...

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Matthew Gray English 210 Paper V Topic One This speech by Macbeth seems as though it his last and final burst of thought and energy. It seems like Macbeth knows that he has reached the end of his road and that his “brief candle” will soon be out. This is his last effort to find peace with his actions and to show how and why he has lost all hope in himself and his life. One thing that I find quite striking about this speech is the idea of “words” being thrown about quite frequently. This can be seen in its literal form as in line 18, “There would have been time for such a word”, as well as figuratively when Macbeth begins to compare life to a play or a story made up of words. In a way this reminds me of something that we spoke of in the first few classes, and that is the Shakespearian idea that “all the world is a stage”. In this speech I feel as though Macbeth is making a connection between this idea
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Unformatted text preview: and his current situation. In this case Macbeth has played a role in a bad play where he will inevitably meet an unhappy ending. Macbeth compares his life to a “poor player that…frets his hour upon the stage and is heard no more.” It is apparent that this idea that life is but a play does not seem to encourage Macbeth. I believe this speech is Macbeth’s “coming to terms” moment where he finally realizes the role he has played. In a way Macbeth began his life as a thane and then took on the role of king much like an actor would in a play. However, in Macbeth’s case his screenplay is almost over; “to the last syllable of recorded time.” I believe that it is this metaphor that accounts for this speech’s power for we see a man whose life was full of sound, fury, and words yet amounted to nothing....
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Shakespeare - 2 - and his current situation In this case...

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