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Unformatted text preview: hase • Doesn’t lock DB during client logic computation Client code BEGIN lookup DB/FS/etc. {client logic} lookup read several pages {logic} ... write END read several pages write shadow copy of pages Validate Write • Groups reads & writes of same blocks close in time • “Pre-fetches” blocks for validation/write phase Validation: Serializability • Separately test all transactions consistent – Running alone on database, transaction assumed correct • Make transaction codes independent of each other – Happens-before only property of (data) values in db • All serial orderings of “concurrent” transactions are valid • Allow concurrent running if transformations are same as transforms possible from a serial order – Serializable Tentative state Real state or rollback Basic approach: transaction IDs • Serializability means a serial ordering exists • Select ID for each transaction a priori – Force DB updates to be equivalent to serial execution in numeric order of ID values – In validation phase, abort & retry transactions that would not meet this condition • Transforms lock queueing slowdowns for the risk of not making progress – ID selected at “begin” less concurrent if some read phases run much longer – Delay ID choice until validation or later to reduce aborts Conditions for validity • 1) Ti ends copyback before Tj reads start r v w r • For i<j, Transaction Ti must “precede” Tj • 1) Ti ends copyback before Tj reads start, or v w • 2) Tj reads nothing Ti writes and Ti ends copyback before Tj starts copyback, or – Actually serial ordering r • 2) Tj reads nothing Ti writes and Ti ends copyback before Tj starts copyback, or – Overlap of Tj reading with Ti copyback is harmless & Tj copyback is serialized after Ti copyback • 3) Tj reads & writes not...
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