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shakespeare - 1 - of Cordellia not to take part in the...

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Matthew Gray Shakespeare Feb 4, 20008 King Lear Prompt #2 In the opening pages of King Lear we are presented with a very odd situation. King Lear is stepping down from the throne and is dividing his land into three parts. In order to determine who gets the largest share of this land he asks his daughters to profess their love to him with a speech. The one who he believes gives the best speech gets the largest amount of land. While asking his daughters to compete against each other in such a contest does seem odd to us in our day and age but I think it may be appropriate in this case. King Lear seems like he is looking for which of his daughters has the strongest allegiance to him be is one with substance or not. The interesting thing is that while King Lear is upset at Cordellia’s honesty it seems like this reaction would be counterintuitive. France sees this and respects the wish
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Unformatted text preview: of Cordellia not to take part in the giving of speeches. While King Lear is upset that Cordellia will not consent to his wishes I believe that deep down inside King Lear is testing his daughters to see who will say whatever it takes to please him rather than showing him true love and affection. Conversely it may be possible that this is not a test at all and perhaps King Lear really is as dense as he seems. It will only be a test of time until we find out if we have seen true feelings and emotions or if Goneril’s and Regan’s speeches were simply “lip-service” as we would call it these days. As far as the language used I do not see any hints as to what he believes the outcome will be. It seems as though he truly does believe every word Goneril and Regan say to him. It should be interesting to see what will come in the following pages....
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