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January 19, 2021 FD 181-004 Professor Collins Upcoming Assignments: The Mencius Book III, Part A, pp. 52- 63, Book IV, Part A, pp. 76- 87, Book VI, Part A, pp.122-132, Book VII, Part A, pp. 145-156 Midterm Thursday 1/21 Final paper draft due 2/2/2021 Midterm: Focus on plot points Look at major themes covered in class Mencius Background: Takes place in Ancient China during the Waring State Each area of China is in different factions competing for power Mencius is a disciple of Confucius Mencius study the same things as Confucius but changed them to be able to apply thoughts to current times Mencius is not the only disciple of Confucius, but he is studied more because he is a good writer and communicator Mohism: Is focused on universal love It does not come naturally so we have to work for it Human nature does not make us love everyone at the beginning Daoism: Embraces what is natural Focuses on going with the flow of life Legalism: Is a totalitarian belief Is mainly focused on self interest
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