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Federalist and Anti-Federalist position on Representation In Federalist 55, Publius takes up the charges against the House of Representatives: 1. The number is too small and “will be an unsafe repository of the public interests” (p.354) 2. The representatives won’t know enough about local circumstances 3. Representatives will be taken from the class of people who “sympathize least with the feelings of the mass of the people”—will seek to aggrandize the few. Publius: In response to the first charge : - There will be 65 representatives - This number will augment with each census - Publius trusts the people to choose good representatives - The men chosen won’t betray the people’s trust - In the Revolution, the congress was an even smaller body, determined the fate of the country, and did not betray the public - “There are qualities in human nature which justify a certain portion of esteem and confidence” In response to the second charge : -Yes, representation ought to be familiar with interests and circumstances of constituents - But, only must be acquainted with those things which are under the authority/care of the legislature: commerce, taxation, militia
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FedAntiFedRepOpinion - Federalist and Anti-Federalist...

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