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January 25, 2021 FD 181-004 Professor Collins Upcoming Assignments: Plato, Republic X, pp. 285-311 due 1/25 Final Paper draft due 2/2 Lies: Some lies can better people and others can harm It seems that if someone has more power they are allowed to lie Brings us back to when parents are allowed to lie Are lies like Santa noble lies? Yes, it allows for lessons to be taught and it brings joy Myth of the Metals is a true lie, but described as a noble lie History of racism is considered a true lie No one race is superior to another A true lie is persuasive Allegory of the Cave Representations: Cave- Our world before knowledge Prisoners- All of us Shadows on the wall- The illusion that more is better Escaped prisoner- Enlightened philosopher Outside world & the sun- The truth Ascent from cave to upper world- Path to enlightenment
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Unformatted text preview:•Shows how the guardians don't truly have freedom • What's more important for all of society is paramount • Socrates was put to death for corrupting the youth Epistemology: • How do we know what we know? • Socratic method- see all sides • Everything will breakdown eventually but the idea will always be there •Dialect is the process Socrates believes in Discussion: • Once you know how to use dialect can you argue any point with it? • We need to cultivate temperance, wisdom, and courage"I would add that his soul is looking down and not up even though he may be carrying on his studies by land or by sea while lying or floating on his back" (pg. 223). •Astronomy is sense perception which allows for limitations • He is saying you can't trust your senses and believe in your intellect 1