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Anthropology Notes 3 - Anthro Notes 11/13 Holy Ghost People...

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Anthro Notes 11/13 Holy Ghost People Video Meetings several times a week 4-6 hours, no priest or minister Copperhead and rattlesnakes are involved in meetings They say that when they “speak in tongues” that something else is taking over their bodies They don’t break any social taboos when their bodies are “taken over” They are not completely out of control of their bodies 11/15 Zombies are real Actually people that were buried in the ground and “raised from the dead” The zombies are pathetic In their mind they had been killed Part of them had been removed Emic-point of view held by the people we’re talking about Etic-our explanation of why they do what they do 11/27 Jim Jones Biography: Journey Into Madness Born May 13, 1931 as James Jones in Richmond His father was sick and weak and his mother was strong and determined He was sort of brought up by a neighbor who was an active church-goer When he was 10 years old, he was conducting his own church services He went to Indiana University He married Marcelyn and criticized her for being too religious He said that social justice was more important to him than God Decided to become a Methodist minister Community Unity- name of the first church that he started at age 23 Started to practice “healings” 1956-Wings of Deliverance, then changed it to People’s Temple Had a child named Steven Ghandi Jones and adopted a black boy and several Korean children Began to believe that the end of the world was near Moved his family to Brazil Returned to Indianapolis after the People’s Temple was starting to go under without him Discovered Redwood Valley, CA and he and his followers moved there Embraced free love and free sexuality in his church Could demand sex from any man or woman in his church Took a mistress
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Openly denying God and calling himself God Started taking speed Moved to San Francisco in 1972 Was named Chairman of the Housing Authority in San Francisco Men and women that left the church started to talk about what went on in People’s Temple, they are called defectors Made his followers go through false mass suicides Moved to Guyana, South America and he started Jonestown In 1977, Jim’s mom died from lung disease Allowed congressman to enter Jonestown to investigate An armed squad of People’s Temple attacked the crew and started shooting, killed 5 and wounded 10, survivors fled to the jungle November 18 th , 1978 Jones gathered all of his followers Gave them poison and punch to swallow it down with Over 900 people died, 300 were children Jones had a bullet wound in his head 11/29 Marshall Herff Applewhite Born in 1931, son of a Presbyterian minister in Spur, Texas 1952 earned BA in music at Austin, Texas studied at seminary and dropped out Pursued a career in music and he was a music director at a church for a while
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Anthropology Notes 3 - Anthro Notes 11/13 Holy Ghost People...

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