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Chapter 9 psych outline - Chapter 9 Dynamics of Action o...

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Chapter 9: Dynamics of Action o What Are Dynamics of Action? o Approaching Dynamics Personality Dynamics and Personality Structure Personality dynamics concern the influence of one part of personality on another, as well as the mutual interaction between personality and its surroundings Personality is inherently dynamic Dynamics as Critical Chains of Events o Dynamic Traits and Micro-Dynamics Micro-dynamics are causal connections that extend from one, smaller, specific part of personality to another. Examples include how guilt might interfere with love Dynamic traits are especially germane to global chains of action They represent tendencies toward certain classes of needs and goals. They posses a particular capacity to propel a person, to initiate dynamics throughout an individuals’ personality. o Example: need for achievement There is no absolute boundary between those traits that are dynamic and those that are not Dynamic traits (motivational) are directly related to personal, self-directed action. Emotional or ability traits modify or refine how the actions are carried out. o Mid-Level (Meso-) and Macro-Level Dynamics Meso dynamics are dynamics that cross two or three major areas of personality An example is causal attribution: they concern an individual’s beliefs about what determines events in the world. People who attribute events to their own qualities have a higher sense of responsibily but are more prone to pessimism and depression; so this dynamic can influence the sorts of actions a person engages in as well as a person’s mood. Macro-level dynamics concern mental events that cross the entire personality system Example is dynamics of action o Dynamics and Their Change Strategic alterations in the parts of personality and how they interact can lead to change o Which Need Will Begin Action? o Urges, Needs, and Presses
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An urge is the conscious psychological awareness of a need. Ex: eat, drink, sleep, needs for affiliation or achievement A need is defined as a mental dynamic that guides personality so as to transform a lack of satisfaction into satisfaction. Needs often are focused such that they have specific
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Chapter 9 psych outline - Chapter 9 Dynamics of Action o...

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