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Distinctive socialization socialization the learning

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Unformatted text preview: ietary practices, a sense of common historical heritage, or any other distinctive trait. distinctive Socialization: Socialization: The learning of everything you are (e.g. your The cultural traits, etc…). cultural Primary Socialization- is the learning of basic Primary societal norms and rules for proper conduct. This usually takes place within the nuclear family. The Primary Agents of socialization are the aforementioned. aforementioned. Secondary Agents of Socialization- everyone else in Secondary society with whom you come in contact (teachers, doctors, priests, your peer group, etc…) doctors, Prejudice: Prejudice: Refers to irrational attitudes and preconceived Refers judgements (either favorable or unfavorable) toward a category of people. toward Ex: Special interest groups that only promote Ex: themselves are practicing prejudice. themselves Discrimination: Discrimination: The unequal treatment of people because of The their group membership. their This is an action. This action. Robert Merton (1949) stated that prejudice and discrimination could be combined in four different ways: different 1. The Unprejudice NonUnprejudice Discriminator The UnprejudiceThe Discriminator The Prejudice NonThe Discriminator The Prejudice-Discriminator The George Simpson and Milton Yinger (1985) developed six patterns of intergroup hostility or cooperation. This list covers virtually all possible patterns of race and ethnic relations, and each pattern exists or has existed in the world. existed Assimilation: This is where the Assimilation: minority group is simply eliminated by being absorbed into the dominant group. group. Ex: The “Hispanic Panic” Pluralism: This is tolerance of Pluralism: diversity. diversity. Ex: Our country was founded on the ideals of Ex: religious pluralism (e.g. you have the freedom to worship whatever you wish). to Legal Protection of Minorities: This Legal is governmental protection for the rights of minorities. rights Ex: Affirmative Action, etc... Population Transfer: This is where Popula...
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