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Evan D’Agostino D’Agostino 1 Business Ethics Id#106003714 12/01/07 The Fountainhead Throughout literary history several novels have proven to transcend their position as works of fiction and become guides for those in moral quandaries. These works contain ideas which are applicable throughout the history of civilized society. Ayn Rand created one such work when she wrote, The Fountainhead, many of her ideas regarding man and ethical reasoning resonate within the story’s characters and plot. Throughout the novel Rand’s characters struggle with the notion of individuality and the implications it has on the moral foundation of an individual. Through the books main character Howard Roark, Rand displays a dislike of pragmatic ethical reasoning, however she does not display an inclination towards a utilitarian approach either; she outlines a method of ethical inquiry in which solutions to problems can be found by rationalizing ones personal interaction with the world around them. Rand used egoism to re-evaluate the notion that capitalism, by its nature, rejects ethical principles in favor of profits by establishing the power an individual has over society through following their own path and determining the future in their ideal image. In determining the importance of ethics in business one must question the applicability of ethical constraints to basic human interaction. Throughout, The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand uses her characters as a vehicle to display the absolute
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necessity of personal ethics in a society which allows its individuals to achieve. "Whatever their future, at the dawn of their lives, men seek a noble vision of man's nature
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The_Fountainhead - Evan D'Agostino Business Ethics...

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