less than jake paper - Wilkerson 1 Melissa Wilkerson...

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Unformatted text preview: Wilkerson 1 Melissa Wilkerson Enc1101-102 Ron Smith August 3, 2007 Welcome Home Outcasts Less than Jake has been one of the biggest names in Ska music since the early 1990’s. Their album, Anthem, has helped them keep that title. From the cover art that is by underground artists to stronger lyrics, this band has come a long way from their early years recording in the lead singer Vinnie’s living room. Although the album does not leave much room for growth, it changed Less Than Jake’s direction for the future. Dave Nelson of metacritic.com has said,” The [Anthem] CD that saved Less Than Jake's career. After the awesome Pezcore, Losing Streak, and Hello Rockview, Less Than Jake started on a downward spiral. Goodbye Blue and White and Borders and Boundaries were embarrassing releases. Anthem brings the group back to their original status (although this is a weaker version of all 3 CDs).” The whole album has that feeling of live show. The music is loud, fun, and full of energy. “This album is clearly about love and hate.” (Goodfellow,i). This is the kind of album that should be listened to when work is too long and time is running Wilkerson 2...
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less than jake paper - Wilkerson 1 Melissa Wilkerson...

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