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Wilkerson Melissa Wilkerson Ron Smith Enc1101-102 July 30, 2007 She loves him- Way too much! In the early years of the twentieth century, women finally started doing something for themselves. In 1920, women earned the right to vote. In the early 1960’s women were starting to fight for more rights like equality in the work place. In the 1970’s women broke free of their restraints made by males and consequently burned their bras! So with all of this equality and rights already given to women of the twenty first century, what do you think women will do next? Well the way it’s going now , it looks like women are going to revert back to the dark ages. More and more I hear my girl friends telling me, “My boyfriend broke up with me! What am I going to do now?” or “I met the man of my dreams last night at the bar!” or my personal favorite, “Bryan didn’t pick up the phone and he won’t answer my text! What do you think that means?” My answer usually is, “He probably doesn’t want to talk right now, just give him some space” in my nicest, most motherly voice. But when I hear these comments I really think, “Are they serious?” Some women seem to think that their lives are unfulfilled if they don’t have a man to tell them that everything will be okay. I have also noticed that once they figure out that the man has become such an important piece of their 1
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Wilkerson wardrobe, they are completely unwilling to let go of their significant others, even if the relationship is totally broken. I have a friend that loved to go camping. For her birthday, a couple of
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marie claire - Wilkerson 1 Melissa Wilkerson Ron Smith...

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