The Truth Behind Lynching

The Truth Behind Lynching - Ashley Gadjosz AMH 2010 Tues....

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AMH 2010 Tues. Thurs. 5:15-6:30 Freedom does not always mean safety Throughout American history, African Americans have been put through many atrocious trials and tribulations. In the middle of the 19 th century, a civil war between the states was supposed to stop these injustices towards African Americans and other races. Although the outcome of the Civil War brought freedom to African American slaves in the United States, it did not bring safety. Lynching was a harsh reality for former slaves during Reconstruction in the south. It became a daily occurrence for African Americans to be lynched and beaten. Numerous justifications were found for the increasing occurrences of lynching. Lynching essentially became a hate act committed by one race on another. The lynching was neither stopped nor the legitimacy of excuses challenged by officials. Courts and legal systems were run by white males mostly making it very hard for any justice to be found for an African American in that time. In the book Southern Horrors and Other Writings , Ida B. Wells illustrates these false excuses and presents realistic reasons for these appalling crimes. The actual Lynching itself was not the only problem during reconstruction. The excuses whites used during that time to torture and murder newly freed African Americans were as false as they were numerous. In Southern Horrors and Other Writings , Wells relates many of these. Excuses ranging from sassing whites to rape to murder prove that "colored men and women [were] lynched for almost any offense" (Wells 78). 1
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The Truth Behind Lynching - Ashley Gadjosz AMH 2010 Tues....

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