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Valley of Fear Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle portrays the Molly Maguires very accurately. Though based on indigenous Irish and immigrant-Irish history, Doyle's approach uncovered the tale of many of these details. He retains the Pinkerton detective's Irish heritage, but deprived him of a distinctively Irish name, as the James McParlan of fact becomes Birdy Edwards of fiction. The Ancient Order of Hibernians becomes the Eminent Order of Freemen. The Molly Maguires were renamed to the Scowrers in the novel, the racially specific Molly Maguires were said to have gotten their name from that of an “old woman at whose house the first meetings were held, but other writers claim it was applied to the members of the Irish organization because of their original practice of disguising themselves in women's clothes, masks, blackened faces, etc” (452). James McParlan’s penetration of the Molly Maguire’s is almost identical to that of Birdy Edwards aka John McMurdo in the novel Valley of Fear . Both McParlan and McMurdo went under alias joining the crime organization under exceptionally risky conditions to dismantle the organizations. John McMurdo goes to Vermissa Valley in Pennsylvania where the Scowrers were located and immediately made his presence known. He showed his hatred for the law, and became the center of attraction wherever he went. Even before he arrives in the Valley, McMurdo is told that the Eminent Order of Freemen, which is the group he claimed to be a part of while in the Valley, is actually the Scowrers. McMurdo arrives in the Valley and stays at the Lodge of Shafter, where he falls in love with a woman named Ettie. Ettie is engaged to a
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evan22 - Valley of Fear Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan...

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