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Tammie Tse AMS 311S 1 Authentically Chinese Nearly all Americans who dine out have at least one favorite Chinese restaurant. Chinese food has recently blown up in America where it has become the second most popular concept in the U.S., following Italian restaurants. 1 What most people in America don’t know is that most of these “Chinese restaurants” that they are familiar to do not hit the true heart of Chinese food. This is because most “real” Chinese food may not appeal to Americans because the cuisine might seem “weird”, “strange”, or even “uneatable”. 2 Because of our nation’s general ethnocentrism, what we claim to enjoy as Chinese food is far from what is “real” Chinese food. During the 1840’s, the Chinese were forced to migrate away from their home due to war, flood, famine, and the political tyranny of the decaying feudal system. Many of them moved to California where they would start their new life and establishments. 3 The typical Chinese restaurants in this country originally cooked in the style of the Cantonese. It was when former President Nixon visited China that the infinite variety of other regional styles was introduced to U.S. restaurant goers. Since the time, Chinese food has diversified from just chow mein and egg rolls and thus, has educated Americans that
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Tammie Tse AMS 311S 2 there are many types of Chinese cooking. 4 It is the good taste, distinct variety and inexpensiveness that draw Americans to what they know as Chinese food. 5 Americans who visit Chinese restaurants are looking to take on a new experience, since Chinese eating habits are so different from our own. For one, Americans are accustomed to ordering one entrée or appetizer per customer. However, the Chinese are more familiar with ordering a
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Authentically Chinese - Tammie Tse 1 AMS 311S Authentically...

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